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In 2018 we were able to give away 13 GRAND IN WORLD TRAVEL MONEY.

The cost of the showcase will be $300* per team. If winning team(s) are not participating in a USSSA/GSL world tournament those teams will receive NO cash award and their winnings can be used for a credit in the following season.

Each tournament teams will receive points based on showcase tournament finishes. Points will be as follows

1st - 100
2nd - 90
3rd - 85
4th - 80
5th - 75
And so forth

ONCE AGAIN for 2019 we will host at the showcase championship the all showcase team tournament! This single elimination tournament will consist of showcase players picked by their coaches and then picked in a draft by a coach from the showcase.  

Cost $300 (Due by June 1st Event)  

Rewards: Cash Payout 

*All teams who pay the 300.00 will receive a 20.00 discount on all Midwest USSSA/GSL tournaments including the Showcase. Discounts are not given until the entry fee is pay.  

***New Rules for 2019***

1) We drop the lowest score when totaling for winners, if your team attends all events then all points will be accounted for.

2) Bonus Entry enter a bonus event and your team will receive 10 points added to your total. The 10 points can not be dropped as a lowest point total. 

3) B teams will be allowed to join and following money pot splits are B/C teams and D/E teams. If no E teams join then we will be a split among the highest finishing B,C,&D teams. 

4) A dropped price in showcase entry.The championship is not included into the entry fee. The entry fee is now entered into the money pot. 


 Showcase Rules and Regulations 


*All events are combined unless otherwise noted on the schedule. 

*Rosters are flexible but must follow USSSA classification guidelines. 

*Run Spots are given 3 per class

*Home runs are based off of the team with the highest classification.

If you have any questions or want more info about the Midwest Showcase contact KO 913-593-5927

2019 Teams  


Dirty Softball

BNS Consulting/Easton

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