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Welcome to
BallYard Drafts 

- Ultimate Wingman -
Helping players score
all weekend 


This isn’t just any Softball tournament club! Your Reistration allows you to be drafted to a team for the weekend. Your skill level does not matter to us or to the others, as long as you can lace those cleats up the Ballyard is your playground. Our focus is to have fun, both in and outside the foul lines.  Meet and greet new people and play with, or against your friends. 

September 24-26 

Osage Beach City Park 

950 Hatchery Road, Osage Beach, MO 65065

Lake of the Ozarks 

WHo we Are



Sign -Ups  

August 9th - 31st

Hotel Discounts

Group Code Ball Yard Draft

Good through 8/11/2021 -  8/24/2021

Tantara Resort - $179/night - 494 Tan Tara Estate,

Osage Beach, MO 65065


Holiday Inn $139/night  - 4533 Osage Beach Parkway, Osage Beach, MO 65065


Meet & Greet Party

You will have the chance to hangout with everyone playing in the tournament in a crazy and fun atmosphere. Friday night we will be at an amazing location hanging out and handing out jerseys. 


Things to Know  


Uniforms Included

This tournament features two fun and stylish uniforms designed by Berserk Athletics. We will be giving away Jersey top and matching bottoms. After the event make sure to wear them to pick up games or at night out with homies. 

So - What Are you Waiting For?