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Road to Worlds 

How to Play 

Enter any Road 2 World Event

 Event Dates 

 All WESTERN KANSAS ( Manhattan, Dodge, Hays, Hutch, Wichita, Goddard) dates are a R2W Event and worth 2 or more entries 
All MID MO (Columbia, Rolla, Osage, Springfield) dates are R2W Events and worth 2 or more entries 
KC Dates include, March 19th, April 16th & 23rd,  May 7th & 21st, June 4th & 11th, July 2nd, 9th, 16th 


- A separate number doc will be provided for Seniors, Womens, and Mens 

 - Teams will use the entry doc link to choose their number between (1-500)

 - It is the managers responsibility to email his numbers to

The Monday following the event or text the tourney director his number(s) after the event,

You have until noon on Thursday the following week to submit your numbers.

Place in the Top 3 to earn additional entries 

First place finish will have 3 entries, 2nd will have 2 entries, 3rd will have 1 entry

 Number Doc  


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