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dUAL - 2017 paPER chASE

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Deadline -



Prizes -


Rules - 







Format - 


Hotel Info 

April 7th-9th

Blue Valley Parks and Rec Miller Wood Sports Complex

Mens C,D,&E           Womens Open 

April 3rd

Leg One - 1st Place Warm Up Jackets 

Leg Two - *1st Place $1000.00 for each Mens Division

2nd & 3rd Place - TBD  

Mens C - 4 & 1 UP

Mens D - 2 & 1 UP 

Mens E - 1 &  1 UP 

Womens - Unlimited


In the event C/D are combined the homerun rule will be 4 & 1up.


USSSA Rosters rules are in effect and required to be online no later than April 4th at 6pm in which time you will be bumped to the highest division 

Leg One - $200 Double Elimination Warm-Up 

Leg Two - $300  USSSA/GSL 3-GG SUPER NIT 

****Play both for $475.00****

Prize Regulations  - Teams must play in both legs to be eligible for the $1000.00. In the event that a team wins that only played in the second dual the money will be split 60/40 between 1st and 2nd. 

Dual  1 - Begins Friday night at 7pm last game will be played in the 11pm hour. We will resume Saturday morning at 8/9am 

Dual 2 - Begins Saturday Afternoon, last games will be in the 11pm hour and will conclude Sunday morning if needed. 

*******Womens Dual will play Saturday and Sunday*******  

Please use this link to see list of available hotels. 

Click Here 

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