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Draft Rules 


* 4GG 
       2 Pool play into double elimination 
*Time Limit
        Pool play & Bracket play will be 55 minutes


Game Rules

*1-1 count no courtesy foul

 *Homeruns Men 5 then outs -  Womens Unlimited

*Coin flip for home team except in the ship the undefeated will be home and if game will push a flip for home​ . 

    Home team is official book and will be provided 

* Flip -Flop is in effect


* Roster Batting must be used and the girls must be in the top 7 of the line up

* All players must be in the line up. If a player no shows you must take at least one out before you can you can skip the batter without penalty. If the person shows up and you have chosen to skip them they can not enter that game. 

* When a male batter receives a walk, he will be awarded first and second base if the next batter is a female. The  female batter having the option to walk or bat


*Only one female can sit out in an inning and no player can sit out more than twice during the game.  

* Courtesy Runner 1 per inning per gender and must be the same gender. 

* Run rule - 15 after 3, 12 after 4, 10 after 5


* All of the other rules will follow USSSA playing rules.

*You must be present to receive your prize! If you leave and your team wins no prize will be awarded. 




​ *Balls - Classic M, Pro M, and Classic W  - 5 balls will be provided (3 mens, 2 womens) After that you must purchase the balls. 

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